Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Top Investment Books of All Time

Some people claim that you can only learns the basics of investing from making investments yourself. Jumping into the deep end of the investing pool right away can cause you to lose thousands of dollars and more. The more money that you lose, the less you'll want to continue in the investing field. One way that you can learn more as a beginner is with the right books. The best books, even those written in previous years, can teach you the fundamentals and help you avoid making some potentially risky decisions.

"Think and Grow Rich"

Napoleon Hill wrote "Think Rich and Grow Rich" during the Great Depression. At a time when most people worried about where their next meals would come from, Hill showed them that they had other options beyond working for the government or growing poorer with each passing day. Hill was good friends with Andrew Carnegie and managed to continue growing his wealth during the hardships of that time period. His book introduces basic concepts that every investor can use and gives them an overview of the steps that he took to remain successful.

"The Essays of Warren Buffet"

Even if you have little to no experience in the investment world, you still know the name Warren Buffet. The billionaire invested in nearly every venture in the world, and while he did see some failures along the way, he is still one of the richest men in the world. "The Essays of Warren Buffet" is a book that consists of multiple essays that talk about the lessons he learned throughout his career, how he makes investments and what others can do to follow in his footsteps. It ranks as one of the top business and investing books in the history of publishing.

"The Wolf of Wall Street"

Some know "The Wolf of Wall Street" for the nominated film based on the book of the same name, but others read the book long before it became a movie. Jordan Belfort worked as an investment broker during the 1980s and scammed thousands of people out of millions of dollars before finding himself under arrest. His book serves as a cautionary tale on what you shouldn't do and how to keep yourself under control. You can learn more about investing and the books you should read when you look at Online Trading Academy reviews and enroll in an online investing course