Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Three Reasons to Use a Broker When Buying a Car Dealership

There are several ways to approach the issue of buying a car dealership, but you should consider going through a car dealership broker. There are advantages to using this type of service, and the following are three ways you will benefit.

They have a database of sellers
They not only work with buyers, but they also work with sellers. They have in their possession a large number of dealerships available for sale throughout the country and can match your requirements with one or more of the car dealerships available for purchase. This benefit of a brokerage service will save an enormous amount of time in your search to find the right dealership. You most likely will find dealerships available that you were unaware of. This expands the number of options available to you. 

Confidentiality and coordination
When you are working with a broker, your information is kept in confidence as your broker searches for the car dealership that meets your requirements. A broker will also coordinate the work of other professionals that you are working with to make the deal. This includes both lawyers and accountants who are integral and critical to your acquisition team. They can help work with you to create the best strategy to acquire a car dealership using the best options available. They will even work with you to create an initial offer to the seller.

A broker will alert you to new opportunities
Whether you are looking to only purchase a single car dealership or continually expand your dealership operation by making two or more acquisitions, a broker can alert you to any new dealerships that have become available on the market. This gives you the advantage of acquiring the best businesses available. A broker will always be conducting an ongoing search for the types of dealerships that are of interest to you.

The benefits of utilizing a broker to buy a car dealership listed above only scratch the surface of what they can do for you. If you are in the market to acquire a dealership, but still have many questions, a broker can work with you to help you determine what type of dealership is best for your circumstances. There are many car broker dealerships you can use to achieve your goals of owning a car dealership. One example is Performance Brokerage Services. They can be found at