Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Take Control of Money Problems by Saving Smart

For many years, people have sought creative ways to stretch a dollar.  Some of the measures taken may be extreme and others are very practical choices.  When a responsible budgeting system is in place, and used with consistency, people may find that they have extra money to work with.
Here are some ways to have more money in pocket and maintain a productive lifestyle –
  • Eat more grains and produce – People who call themselves cutting back may find that loading up on starches is economical but if a person finds that they will need to budget for a while, there is a healthier alternative.  Farmer’s markets and discount grocers are great if you can go in the middle of the week or at the end of business.  In the case of an outdoor market, vendors want to unload as much merchandise as possible and may be willing to negotiate a low price.  Sometimes, there are special discounts and better selection.  Another upside is that you are beating the weekend crowd, which is why some working people tend to go for the quick option when shopping. 
Even if a person does not have a green thumb or the physical space to plant a garden, many home and discount stores sell planting kits that allows fruits, herbs, vegetables to grow indoors.  These kits shield plants from outside elements like bugs and polluted air, so product may grow safely.  This is ideal for those who live in apartments and a fast way to have fresh produce.
  • Talk to your employer about transportation options – many major employers have a rideshare option that will either pay employees to use public transportation or join a carpooling program.  If your employer does not have something in place, inquire with human resources or the agency itself.  With local governments looking to conserve resources while freeing up streets and highways, they should be able to suggest a money-saving alternative.
In cases where people work at home, it is best to use the car when making multiple trips.  If your health allows, invest in quality footwear and start walking a few blocks.  Otherwise, familiarize yourself with the local bus and train lines.
  • Fire your childcare provider – though some may have lowered their rates, this is still a major expense for some parents.  If you are at least familiar with other parents in the neighborhood, find out what they do for childcare.  Chances are that a responsible adult or older minor may be able to sit with the child until you arrive home.
 Another alternative to consider is negotiating a bulk deal with other parents who may be looking to save on childcare expenses.  A smart businessperson will accept a bulk deal of five kids guaranteed for a number of weeks at a lesser weekly rate rather than risk losing business because people cannot afford to pay for services.
  • Work online, if you have the time – although many people are finding legitimate work online, success does not happen overnight.  Depending on the individual, this may mean years of study or pursuing an advanced degree in order to enter a lucrative field.  Whether a person goes into content writing or some form of sales, they will have to market their services accordingly.  Many outsourcing companies like oDesk have work at flat and hourly rates and there are no upfront fees to register and accept assignments from clients worldwide.
Outside of this method, people are finding that they may be paid to take surveys or give their opinion on a product.  MyLot is a place that pays people to chat and there also mock juror services that do not require experience and hire often.  A person will not become rich but doing this in your spare time can make a difference.

About the Author:
Allen Jones is a professional blogger the provides business and personal financial advice and information. He writes for PureChecks.com, the best place to order custom personal checks or design your own checks the way you want them.