Monday, July 15, 2013

Top Dividend Tracker Tools of This Season

Before investing dividend investor always think that how to track his dividend income? Therefore I would like to share with all the dividend investors that by a finely tuned process they can simply track their dividends.
Dividend tracker is a tool that helps to track how much dividends you have received from your investment. Dividend tracking is not a simple process because companies constantly change their payouts and investors have many transactions in a single sector thus this tracker helps them to simplify this process. Its preserve your privacy, information which you provide confidential and is not distributed or shared.
Here I would like to share some Dividend Tracker Tools:

1.       Dividend Investor trackertool: - This tracker tool search ex-dividend, dividend record and dividend payment dates in many stocks on the Bombay and National stock exchange. If you purchase stock on the ex - dividend date or after, you will receive the next dividend payment. In order seller gets the dividend. If you purchase in the same conditions you capture the dividend.
DividendInvestor dividend tracker

2.       Aastocksdividend tracker tool: - This tool offer dividend history, corporate information, financial ratios, profit loss, cash flow, balance sheet and securities buyback. 

Aastocks dividend tracker

3.       Investmentmoatsdividend stocks tracker: - This tool is useful for people whose are interested in making a portfolio of income investment for high yield investing or gaining investment income. This takes a list of dividend stocks that are listed on the SGX. They are REITs, business trusts, utilities and Infrastructure stocks, telecommunication stocks, blue chips etc.

Investmentmoats dividend stocks tracker

4. This provides updated financial news, stock information which is helpful for expanding investor’s portfolio. Since stock tracker investors will manage or control the stocks, ordering, supplying, and credit control.

5.       TradeTrakker: - Its updates stock and market indices from world stock exchanges. Monitor investor’s investments with the help of 50 different parameters. Set alerts on stock price or trade volume. Organize stocks and mutual funds. Its 2.93 version has been released on January 11, 2012. This fixes issues with the DOW Jones Industrial Average Index.

Trade Trakker
6.       Quotetracker: - It tracks most types of securities like stocks, options, indices, futures, FORES/Currencies, bonds etc. It is a windows program that made by different data feeds, brokers and financial sites which provide real time quotes, live Intraday charts with technical indicators, level II quotes, sales, alerts, time, news monitoring and anything which you want to track in the trade market.
Quote tracker

7.       Mutualtracker: - This tool is useful to track funds and commodities.

Mutual tracker

8.       Indiainfoline mutual fund dividend tracker tool: :- This tool offer to track dividend information of various mutual funds by selecting the month, funds and different categories like equity, global funds, debt and hybrid allocations.

Indiainfoline dividend tracker

At the end, I would like to say that for any stock search, do planning and keep eye on the market, a little bit of luck goes a long way. The dividend tracker tool is an excellent choice for a stock tracking if the data and logic requirements of investor’s investment strategies are met. Choose according to your requirement.

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