Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to Monitor and Manage Money on Your Tablet Device

Without a doubt, mobile banking is here to stay. From its humble beginnings years ago with just a simple banking app from Wells Fargo, today's mobile apps can do so much more than simple bill pay. Today, mobile apps can help scan and deposit checks, take credit cards for your business, locate ATMs, find travel deals, plan budgets, clip coupons track your investments and more. Here we'll look at some extremely useful apps, which work well with just about all computers and operating systems.

Personal Finance Apps: Allowing You to Take Control

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No apps for finance articles would be complete without going over some great personal finance apps. Personal finance goes beyond simple online banking to budgeting, controlling credit scores, and more.
SpringCoin: Helps you create a plan to get out of debt while saving money.
Credit Karma: Keep track of your credit score and find out how making certain decisions will affect it in the future.
SmartyPig: Sets up incentives, encouragements and plans to save money for a specific goal. Monthly budgeting app that syncs up with your bank accounts and your credit cards automatically. This way, you'll know where every penny is going.
Expensify: Syncs your credit card accounts to track your money. Has advanced features making it perfect for small businesses.
Pageonce Bills: Sends you a reminder each month when a bill is due. This helps you avoid late fees and keeps your credit intact.

Investing Apps: Enabling You to Play the Market

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The rise of the Internet gave way to the type of investor: the day trader. This, in turn, gave rise to investment apps and programs accessible from notebooks and laptops such as a Lenovo Ultrabook. However, you don't have to be a day trader to take advantage of these great apps. These apps are perfect for monitoring your investments.
Yahoo Finance: Enables you to investigate stock quotes, market indexes, and up-to-the–minute headlines that could affect stock prices.
Wikinvest: Keep track of your portfolio on the go. It has relevant information on all public companies, ETFs and funds.
Morningstar: Check your mutual funds and see performance charts for ETFs, funds, stocks, and indexes.

Coupon Apps: Letting You Clip & Save in the 21st Century

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Couponing used to be hard. You had to buy multiple papers, search through them, clip the coupons and carry them around with you. Few people thought the meager savings were worth it, still, they hated having to pay more for something. Fortunately, thanks to apps, there's no longer a need to clip or carry coupons. Here are some of the best coupon apps.
Yowza: Takes advantage of your geographic location to send you deals and alerts that you can take advantage of. If a coupon doesn't' work in your area, it won't show it.
Shopkick: Perfect for people who live in areas with lots of chain stores. This app delivers exclusive deals from major retailers like Macy's, Best Buy, Toys'R'Us and more Grocery Smart Coupon Shopper: Tracks and compares coupons from most major outlets so you can see who really has your item at the best price. However, you still have to print the coupon.
CardStar: Enables you to carry all your loyalty cards on your smart phone, freeing up space in your wallet or purse.

Money-Saving Apps: Offering Great Deals & Cool Functionality

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We all want to save money, especially on little things like bank fees, monthly bills and indulgences. Fortunately, there's an app for that. In fact, there are several.
ATM Hunter: Find your bank's closest ATM no matter where you are so you can avoid the ATM fee. Wi-Fi Finder: Instead of paying for a for a wireless card, use the free Wi-Fi available in your area. CheckingFinder: Find the lowest checking fees in your area.
BillShrink: Finds you the best deals on everything from cell phone plans to Internet to gas.
Groupon: Though not available in all areas, you can be sure of the best deal when using Groupon. It has everything from restaurants to services to vacations.

Travel Apps: For Managing & Saving Away From Home

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Vacations are expensive, particularly if you're going by plane. However, thanks to the power of apps, they don't have to be. Here are some of the best vacation travel apps for saving money.
Last Minute: If last-minute traveling appeals to you or you just need to get away, then this app can help you find the best deals on last-minute travel.
Farecast: If buying plane tickets in advance is more your style, this app predicts prices and tells you the best time to buy airline tickets based on these predictions.
Yapta: Instead of predicting future prices, this app constantly scans airlines to discover refunds on already purchased tickets.

Allowance Apps: Teaching Your Little Ones How to Handle Money

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If you have young children at home, then you know it's never too early to start teaching them how to master money. Just about any allowance app can keep track of the money you give them and allow you to add money on allowance day. However, there are many allowance apps that also include tracking chores with a dollar amount, setting up savings goals, charitable giving and loans that you make to your children.
My Job Chart: Great for assigning chores and tracking rewards; a favorite of Suze Orman
Money Trail app: Shows kids all possible income streams; allowances, cash gifts, IOUs, & gift cards Count My Beanz: Perfect for younger kids, who don't yet receive an allowance; they learn about money through 'beanz'
ThreeJars: With this 'parents-as-the-bank' system, kids are able to hone their banking skills long before adulthood. As apps become more integrated into our daily lives, they'll act as personal accountant, travel agent, financial investor and more. Thanks to apps, we are now able to take control of our money in a way we never could before. What's your favorite financial app?