Tuesday, August 12, 2014

5 Apps That Help You Manage Your Money

Let’s be honest. Most people are not accountants, financial advisers or qualified money managers. The normal person is not always equipped with the knowledge needed to maintain their personal finances. And with the economy in flux, responsible money management has never been more important. Luckily, there are several financial apps available to help you manage your money.


Mint.com app Image Via Flikr by Linsey Knerl
Price: FREE
Are you the kind of person who has no idea how much money you have in your bank account at a given moment? If so, the Mint application is the perfect way for you to start organizing your finances. It allows you to see all your account balances and transactions in an easy to read list. You are able to connect it to a variety of different accounts including credit cards, checking accounts, investments, and even loans. Not only are they listed for you to see the balances, but Mint breaks down your spending into categories. This can include Entertainment, Food, School, and Rent just to name a few. You can even set it up to send weekly breakdowns. Mint is an excellent app to get you on the right track to managing your money.


Price: $1.99
Remembering to pay bills is one of the reasons people are having such a hard time managing their money. When thinking about your personal funds, it is important to realize future payables. This can include loan payments, rent, utilities, and a variety of other bills. BillTracker is a great app for displaying all your monthly bills in an organized and easy to follow manner. It allows you to input all your bills, set payment reminders, and even can be linked to provide payment confirmations. It is an excellent app to help anyone keep track of their bills and is a must have for managing your money.

Adaptu Wallet

Adaptu Image Via PCmag
Price: Free
Adaptu Wallet is a hybrid app combining both of the aforementioned apps. It allows you to display your latest account balances and also set up bill reminders. The idea behind the app is to act as a virtual wallet that allows you to carry all your information in the palm of your hand. It even allows you to store images of your insurance, social security, and business cards. Not to mention, the added benefit of spending forecasts so you can evaluate your finances. The best part of all is that everything is stored under bank-level security, so you will never have to worry about losing your information.


PayPal Image Via Itunes
Price: Free
The PayPal application can be used on all cell phone plans. If you have ever purchased something online you have probably come across PayPal before. This app makes it extremely easy to transfer money at the push of the button. You can shop around for the best deals on your smartphone and then quickly purchase the item through this safe and easy app. Another great feature is that it allows you to deposit a check immediately to your account by simply snapping a photo. Having an accessible and secure way to transfer money over a variety of different accounts makes PayPal an excellent app for people looking to manage their money.


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Price: Free
If you are someone who is relatively responsible with their personal finances, but looking to become more connected with investments and stocks then StockTwits is for you. This is a financial communications platform for anyone looking to gain insight into the stock market and investing. It connects you to traders and investors, financial news, charts, and all kinds of investment information. It pulls up real time stocks and connects it with all of your investment portfolios. This app is an excellent way to monitor the money you have invested and makes it very easy to see trends and gain professional insight. Monitoring your personal finances is no easy task. From bill paying and account management all the way to investment portfolios it is tough to keep track of where and what your money is up to. There are hundreds of useful financial apps on the market and many of them are free to download. If you are looking to take control of your money take the opportunity to look at some of the apps mentioned above.