Monday, October 31, 2011


Tweezers is made up of two candlesticks that are next or so close to each other. They have identical highs at the top of the market or identical lows at the bottom of the market. The Tweezers usually becomes formed by the candlesticks shadows but it can also be made by the bodies of the shaven candlesticks. The two candlesticks that form Tweezers can have small bodies like Doji and Hammer candlesticks.

Tweezers cannot be considered as a strong reversal signals and it needs confirmation but you have to be careful when you see a Tweezers signal. You know what I mean by “be careful”.

Tweezers that are formed right under resistance lines or above the support lines and also under or above the Fibonacci levels that act as resistance or support are important especially when they are made up of two Doji candlesticks. The longer the shadows, the more potent the Tweezers signal.

It is also possible that you see a few or even several candlesticks between the two candlesticks that form the Tweezers pattern. Even in this case you should not ignore the Tweezers as a potential reversal signal.
When there are several candlesticks between the two that make the Tweezers pattern, they may form Double Tops or Double Bottoms patterns that show the levels of resistance or support.