Monday, October 31, 2011

Hammer and Hanging Man & Shooting Star

Hammer and Hanging Man:
Hammer is kind of candlestick that can be seen at the bottom of a downtrend. Hammer has no or a very small lower shadow. The hammer candlestick which is seen at the top of an uptrend is called Hanging Man.
Hammer and Hanging Man have three identifying features:
1. The body is in the upper third of the price range.
2. The lower shadow is twice of the length of the body.
3. They have no or a very short upper shadow.
Like Doji, Hammer and Hanging man signal indecision and uncertainty and need confirmation.

Shooting Star:
It is an inverted hammer at the top of the uptrend. Its color can be Bullish or Bearish. A Shooting Star at the bottom of a downtrend, is called Inverted Hammer. Like Doji and Hammer, Shooting Star and inverted Hammer need confirmation.
A gap between the Shooting Start or Inverted Hammer and the next candlestick is one of the confirmations. A big Bearish candlestick after the Shooting Start is another confirmation. Generally, confirmation is something that confirms that the price has changed the direction.