Thursday, September 21, 2017

Unorthodox Investment Strategies That Paid Off

There are times where investment strategies rely heavily on trends and when things seem to be on the upswing, everyone wants to be a part of it. One of those trends currently is Bitcoin, where one Bitcoin is valued at over $4,000. Everyone from investors to the general public wants a piece of it as it seems that further growth might just be on the cards. Those who invested in it years ago will reap the rewards now. But back when it first started, economists and investors were not keen to get their hands dirty in case it failed. There is a fine line between a calculated gamble and a good investor knows which is which
Investors Who See Potential
James Clunie used the American elections as the deciding force behind betting against the American stocks. Although the outcome will only be revealed in the future, it is worth the watch to see whether this decision pays off. According to investor Jason Sugarman, it's important to have a passion for the industry. For him, his love for his family and a keen understanding of the sporting world determine his decision-making. Will these decisions bode well for these two investors? Only time will tell as patience is one of the most important factors in investing. One of the fundamentals of investing is to try to get in while the price is low. This means that investors benefit from the growth without having to fork out higher amounts for a single fund unit or stock. These might just work in their favor.

Stocks That Did Well During the Great Depression
It’s hard to imagine that a stock market collapse would still see some individuals profit from investments on the stock market. The surprising winner was in Electric Boat, which saw massive returns of up to 55% from 1932 to 1955. This can be attributed to the need for Americans to feel more secure as they were coming out of one war and heading to the next. Two other defense stocks made it to the top 10 as well. These include Douglass Aircraft which gave returns of 23,5% and Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator with returns of 21,6%.

Investments can seem confusing at times and that is because the volatility of the markets determines the outcome, not the past performance. Proper financial advice, having bags of passion and carrying out plenty of research will allow investors to choose funds or stocks that match their needs but won’t guarantee success. If it does not specify “guarantee”, there is a risk of loss.