Thursday, April 16, 2015

Three Simple Strategies That Will Help You Build Substantive Wealth

These days, many individuals are interested in building substantive wealth for themselves. Whether you're attempting to accumulate wealth to pay off loans, put your child through college, or retire well, it's important to note that you can realize your vision. To get you started on the path to developing the type of economic freedom and power that will improve your quality of life, consider implementing the following three simple strategies:

1. Study Financially Successful People.

One great way for you to start building a strong financial future is to study financially successful people. This will help you in numerous ways. First, it will function as motivation as you see that everyone who is now rich did not start their life journey in a wealthy place. Additionally, studying the lives and ideas of wealthy people will empower you with knowledge regarding the systematic steps and strategies they took to start accruing assets and capital. Once you start the process of studying financially successful people, consider an individual such as Robert Rosenkranz. Rosenkranz is currently the CEO of Delphi Financial Group, and he has developed extensive financial wisdom that you can learn from to start building your own capital. Additionally, Rosenkranz is a successful photographer and is a member of the Visiting Committee for the Department of Photography at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

2. Invest.

Another strategy that you can implement to start building financial wealth is investing. This method can prove very efficacious because it empowers you to develop a stream of passive income once you learn how to make prudent decisions in this venue. If you are unfamiliar with the world of investing, it can be helpful to take several classes and/or hire a professional financial adviser who can provide you with sound counsel regarding how to make economically prudent investment decisions.

3. Develop Multiple Streams Of Income.

One of the things that you may notice as you begin to study the lives of financially successful people is that they tend to develop multiple streams of income. This is an important and advantageous strategy because it empowers you to continue earning money from one venue even if another well dries up. There are infinitely many ways that you can develop an additional stream of income, including but not limited to investing, creating a blog, participating in money markets, and selling clothes on eBay.


If you're serious about building a strong financial future for yourself, you should know that there are numerous ways that you can turn your vision into a reality. By implementing some or all of the financial strategies outlined above, you will likely find that your money starts to grow