Friday, June 6, 2014

The Rise of Software in the Forex Era

During the last seven years, numerous automated trading systems that offer a wide range of charts and strategies have become available. Some of these software programs include expert advisers, platforms that allow customers to analyze and to mimic the trades of other investors and algorithms that use the recent fluctuations of a currency's value to identify potentially profitable investments. 

When using an automated software program, the trader will be able to select the level of risk, the margin that the system uses and the currency pairs that the program trades. The user can also prompt the system to execute long-term trades or to place orders that are based on short-term trends. 

Following Experienced Investors 
Before analyzing the trades of another person, a customer can view the percentage of the trader's orders that have generated a profit, the average earnings of each trade and the number of people who are currently copying each order that the investor places. Moreover, the user will have the ability to see a list of the traders who have generated the most profits during the last several days. 

Seven years ago, a trader could only receive indicators in emails, and most companies that provided trading signals did not track the percentage of their indicators that produced profits. In 2014, a client who has signed up to obtain signals can receive SMS text messages, alerts from a software program that can be added to most computers or indicators in the member's area of a company's site, and the customer will be able to view charts and graphs that show the strategy that the provider is using. 

This business provides a wide range of information, such as the level of volatility of certain currency pairs during each hour of the day, a detailed analysis of the impact that economic events will have on a currency and a list of potential trades that could generate a large amount of profit. Instead of offering exact predictions of a currency's value, the company forecasts the price ranges of particular currency pairs. 

Metatrader lets investors use expert advisers and signals of all types, and the patron can opt to link an untested system to a demo account in order to effectively test the software. Additionally, customers have the ability to create their own systems that are compatible with MetaTrader's programming language.