Monday, May 27, 2013

Money Saving tips for 2013

Money Saving tips 2013According to Bureau of Economic Analysis, on an average, Americans save around 4 percent of their income. But some great savers manage to save more than that.

Here are some money saving tips for 2013, go through these tips and find which you can apply and use them in your life and you'll quickly find yourself saving some serious money

1.    PAY YOURSELF FIRST:  You have worked hard for your money, so pay yourself by putting money into a Savings account before you spend it. Consistently putting aside a small portion of your income or salary in savings or for retirement is one of the best personal finance strategies.

2.    SET FINANCIAL GOALS:  Setting financial goals will put you in charge of your money. Set Short and Long term goals to help you stick to your budget but they all need to be achievable.

3.    SAVE YOUR SPARE CHANGE: Like they say, Pennies add up. Let your spare change add up and which will become a lot of money for yourself.

4.    CAR POOL TO WORK: You'll save on gas and splurge on social interactions. Not only that but you will save half your gas expenditures - An Average of $2,500 a year.

5.    LEAVE THE CREDIT CARD AT HOME: One of the simplest ways to whack your credit card habit is to stop yourself from accessing it. Decide how much spending money you will allow yourself per paycheck and take it out in cash on payday. When you're out - You're out.

6.    TURN OFF THE LIGHTS WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR HOUSE: Don’t be Dim, you won’t become an overnight millionaire but conserving energy can help you save a little at a time.

7.    DOUBLE YOUR RECIPE SO YOU'LL HAVE LEFTOVERS: You likely won’t need to buy more ingredients; you'll just use more of the ingredients you already have. This way your meals will go twice as far and you'll save half as much.

8.    PACK YOUR LUNCH: It costs a lot less to pack your lunch than it does to eat out. Believe it or not, "Brown-Bagging" it can save you more than $1,000 a Year.

9.    SKIP THE BOTTLED WATER: How smart is it spending money on bottled water? Not very. The average person consumes 167 bottles per year. That’s a pretty easy way to decrease your bank account.

10. EVALUATE YOUR CELLPHONE PLAN:  Check your cell phone plan, look at it and see if you are paying too much money for it. See if you really need everything you pay for, by removing unnecessary plans, you could save a cool $250 every year.

11. CUT THE CABLE: Cancel your cable package- It can cost $100 each month and which adds up to $1200 each year which is a lot of money to be saved.