Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Investing Tips to Make you a Better Investor

The best investors in the world all follow similar principles to get to where they are now. It may seem that they are all different, but they have all actually just embraced commonsense principles that just about anyone could use in order to make their own wealth. Knowing what a few of these things are can help anyone to start to invest better today.

3 Investing tips:

1) It is not just about picking one investment
Most people like to hear the stories about the run away stock investment or home run real estate deal that someone has landed for themselves. Sure, this big money scores are nice for anyone, but it is not just about one big win. Picking consistent investment winners is where the real money is made. Anyone could get lucky with one particular stock, but that does not mean that they are not going to turn around and blow all of that earned money on their next idea. The ones who are able to consistently pick winners are really getting it right.
2) Dividends pay
Dividend stocks are often considered some of the most boring by the general investing public. These are the stocks of huge companies that do not move much in terms of per share price. However, that does not mean that owning some of these stocks is a bad idea. As it turns out, owning some of the largest companies can actually be a huge source of income. Many of these stocks pay dividends to shareholders every quarter. Investors have the option to reinvest the dividends that they are paid into more stock. When they do this, they create a snowball effect for themselves in terms of owning more and more shares. It is a great way to slowly build wealth.
3) Trust the experts
Although many who get involved with investing want nothing more than to claim victory for their great investment picks, it is better to be more humble about it. Listening to the advice of the experts is a smart plan. These are the people who have already made their money in the market, and they have some very important advice to offer. This does not mean that one should just mirror what the expert does in terms of stock picks. It does mean however that these individuals have plenty of advice to offer that should be followed.