Saturday, October 20, 2012

Top 10 No Fee IRA Accounts

1. OptionsXpress – OptionsXpress offers a no fee IRA, and you can choose from a traditional, Roth, or Rollover account type. There is no fee to set up an IRA account, and also no annual fee either.

2. Scottrade- Scottrade offers one of the best IRA accounts if you are looking for an IRA with no fees or high account expenses. No set up or annual fee keeps the costs of this IRA down.

3. OptionsHouse- Whether a traditional, Roth, or rollover IRA is desired OptionsHouse offers an account with zero fees, both for the account setup and the annual fee that some other accounts may charge.

4. Merrill Edge- Merrill Edge offers no fee IRA accounts with numerous features, and best of all there are no expensive fees to worry about.

5. Fidelity- Fidelity offers a no fee Roth IRA, as well as traditional, rollover, SEP. SIMPLE, and inherited plans that do not have brokerage account fees either.

6. Vanguard- Vanguard is a trusted name for financial and retirement accounts, and they offer IRA choices which are fee free. There are several IRA account types to choose from, and a reputation for sound financial advice to rely on.

7. Etrade Roth IRA- Etrade offers a no fee IRA with many features and benefits. There are no annual or inactivity fees charged, and the minimum amount needed to set up an account is one thousand dollars.

8. ShareBuilder- Sharebuilder offers IRAs that allow you to manage your retirement cash flow without paying a lot of fees to do this. No annual or inactivity fees make this one of the top ten.

9. TDAmeritrade- A no fee IRA from TDAmeritrade is one that is considered a sound choice. No matter what type of IRA you are looking for this choice can help you achieve these goals for less.

10. Ing- Ing is another trusted name in IRA plans. While all accounts must follow the IRA rollover rules, the plans from Ing offer a great deal of flexibility in other areas.

Source :- Investment Advisor Tips