Saturday, December 31, 2011

10 Best Roth IRA Providers

1. Charles Schwab- One of the best Roth IRA providers according to numerous investors is Charles Schwab. The name is trusted in investment circles, and the IRA offerings are considered some of the best found anywhere.

2. Fidelity- Fidelity makes Roth IRA eligibility easy to understand, and offers some of the top rated accounts for this purpose. Fidelity has a long history of proven success, and a name that is sure to be around in the future.

3. Vanguard- Vanguard has been a trusted provider of Roth IRA accounts for many years. The commissions and fees charged are low, and this means more money is put towards retirement instead.

4. ShareBuilder- ShareBuilder is viewed as one of the best Roth IRA providers for many reasons. Investors have control, the expenses are low, and trades can be easily managed in a short amount of time in most cases.

5. Scottrade- Scottrade has developed a name for quality, and for offering some of the best IRA accounts available. Local branches and a personal touch are just a few of the features that consumers love.

6. Zecco- With Zecco you can open an IRA savings account and get trades for less than five dollars each. While this is not one of the oldest providers it is definitely one of the top ten.

7. E*Trade- E*Trade is a well known name, and this provider features one of the best Roth IRA options possible. This provider offers banking services and accounts as well as investment and IRA accounts, making it a convenient top choice.

8. Options House- When deciding between IRA vs 401k Options House can help simplify this choice. No annual fees, no minimum deposit amounts, and a low cost to trade are all reasons why investors rate this provider so highly.

9. Trade King- The best Roth IRA providers will have low expenses, and this company offers trades for less than five dollars each. Many investors prefer Trade King over other IRA providers.

10. TDAmeritrade- TDAmeritrade can help make retirement planning easier. A flat per trade rate and numerous features combine with decades of experience to make this one of the best providers.