Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best Trading Strategies for Short or Long Term investments in Stock market

• Strictly adhere to Stop loss.
• Before entering in to trade analyze stocks on the basis of Technical indicators - moving average, Oscillator, Trend line, Trend Channel Patterns don't Trade against the trend.
• When people are selling be a buyer. When people are buying be a seller.
• Avoid purchase of stocks when market value of that stock crash.
• Stop loss & Exit to be decided before entering in to the trade.
• Do not have any sentimental attachment with any stock.
• Periodic Profit booking to be done by selling and re-purchase of stocks.
• Do not over trade. Trade only up to 50 % of your Trading capital.
• Do not trade on the basis of rumours.
• It is better to follow Monthly stop loss and stop loss or trade.
• Do not keep all your stock holdings in same sector, distribute your investment to various sectors i.e. Diversification of investment to be done.
• Do not invest more than 10% value of your Trading capital in any single stock.
• Buy the stocks whenever there is some bad news and sell the stocks whenever there is good news.